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Changes in Rented Referrals

Started by teiejumal 2015-11-15 at 04:51
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As we tested in GrandClick already at summer to lower RRs cost and it gave us positive feedback, then same changes has been done here:

All Rented referrals cost now $0.20, no matter how many you have them.
I have removed RRs from Special packages.
Renting time frames has been changed to little shorter due we do not have RRs under Special Packages no more.
Some RR packs size changed, so now you can pick right one to you, but you have to know you cant rent again will till your day(s) have past, depending which membership you have.
Autopay costs now $0.18 per referral per month, no matter how many RRs you have.

Happy Earnings,

Bow Street
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