Frequently Asked Questions

It has the same commissions (except Upgrade commission) as Free members, but you will get $0.10 worth ad every day for 365 days. So you can make $36.50+ from $24.99.

Buying Referral Subscription helps you to get referrals up to 50% cheaper than buying directly!

Buying referrals directly(instantly) costs you $1 per referral, buying Referral Subscription you will pay the following prices:

4 Referrals within a month for $3 = $0.75 per referral.

40 Referrals within a month for $25 = $0.625 per referral.

400 Referrals within a month for $200 = $0.50 per referral.


*When using Referral Subscription, referral limits do not apply, so you can get unlimited referrals while being a Free member for example.


Its $2.00 for all the members and all the time.

You can rent referrals monthly (30 calendar days) to click for you.

The rental price for each referral per 30 days is $0.20, no matter how many referrals you have.
Using AutoPay you will save 10% ($0.006 per day per referral), there are no minimum days required for referral to have for AutoPay to work.

There's also a discount if you extend them for more than 15 days:
15 days - 0%
30 days -5%
60 days -10%
90 days -15%
150 days -20%
240 days -30%

No! We allow only 1 account per household / IP / Computer. If there's more than 1 account, our system will ban BOTH accounts automatically. 

We use AirTM, PerfectMoney, Payeer, Bitcoin, Litecoin and Gift Cards.

There are no withdrawal rules.

Your payment processor does not have to be verified.

We have no ROI% rule.

No Cashout points.

You can use different payment processors for Deposits/Withdrawals.


There can be 2 reasons, why your withdrawal was refunded.

1) Make sure your payment address is correct

PerfectMoney: U1234567

Payeer: email address or P1234567

AirTM: email address

BTC,LTC&DOGE: wallet address email address

2) Bitcoin minimum withdrawal is $30 currently, if you request a smaller amount, it will be refunded back.

If your Rented Referral should stop clicking, you need to recycle it, then it's guaranteed to start clicking again.

You need to disable all adblocking plugins/software for GrandMonopoly.