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Activity Tokens

Started by Admin Aug 14th, 2021 at 20:36
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Aug 14th, 2021 at 20:36
We have changed the name of "Points" to "Activity Tokens" today.

At the moment nothing changes for you, you can still exchange them at rate of 5000 Tokens = $1 to Purchase balance.

We will add an option to earn tokens from playing games later this year, and you will be able to earn them also from hourly Faucet, from your referral earnings and on Crypto Exchange.

Once all these features are live, then we will disable the Exchange to Purchase balance.

Then you will be able to use tokens to:
  • Buy lottery tickets
  • Open different treasure chests
  • Trade tokens with other users in Exchange to your Account Balance or any Crypto listed in Exchange by other users.

  • It will not happen any time soon, but probably before next GrandClick birthday.

    The point of this topic is to let you decide early what you want to do with your tokens.
    I will post some of the prices in tokens, to give you an idea of what the difference will be.

    Activity tokens will be distributed for now:

    1 for every PTC click
    2 for every Offer completed
    10 for every $1 deposited
    10 for every Direct referral
    (more options to be added)

    Spending tokens (upcoming):

    1 Lottery Ticket costs 10 Tokens

    50 Tokens open Green Treasure Chest
    500 Tokens open Bronze Treasure Chest
    5000 Tokens open Silver Treasure Chest
    50000 Tokens open Gold Treasure Chest

    And then you can buy or sell tokens on Exchange with other users.
    The Exchange will be working between Account balance and Token/Cryptos.

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    Aug 15th, 2021 at 16:36