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TimeWall #1 Offer Wall after the first week! Offer Walls TOP!
Published on Aug 01st, 2022 11:09 am

#1 TimeWall - (PTC,TASKS,SURVEYS) - has gone straight to the #1 offer wall where members have earned the most money from last week!

As reported by members, depending on the country and the day, there are up to 500 PTC ads available, and thousands of tasks, out of which many are just 1-2 click tasks, very easy to complete!

#2 CPX-Research - (SURVEYS) - still #1 survey wall by a margin, very well paying, converting surveys compared to others, almost always some surveys available, no matter of your geolocation.

#3 Lootably - (VIDEOS,TASKS,SURVEYS) - most popular for its high-paying games, you can earn up to $30-$40 per game after downloading it and completing a specific level asked in the offer, seems to be very well converting and easy to complete considered completion rate. + of course their LootTV Videos, depending on the country, can be many videos to watch daily!

#4 Offeroc - (MINI-GAMES,PTC,SHORTLINKS,TASKS,SURVEYS) - another very new wall, the wall where you have no earning limits, besides PTC ads, offers and shortlinks, you can play unlimited mini-games and earn for every minute played!

#5 OpinionCapital - (SURVEYS) - not many surveys are always available, but definitely the highest paying surveys, and are easy to complete once there are available surveys!

#6 ClixWall - (PTC,OFFERS,TASKS) - very old and strong wall, number of PTC ads has decreased last months, but we believe it's just a temporary, mostly caused by the summer.

#7 WannAds - (OFFERS,SURVEYS) - the oldest offer wall we have, has been picking up lately, especially with surveys and app downloads!

#8 SkippyAds - (PTC,OFFERS,TASKS,SURVEYS) - has a fair number of PTC ads and offers/surveys/tasks available. Wall sometimes loads ~5-10 seconds, need to be little patience, should be fixed shortly!

#9 WallOffer - (PTC,SHORTLINKS,VIDEOS,TASKS,SURVEYS- very new wall, has some PTC ads, shortlinks available, besides offers and surveys.

#10 MediumPath - (OFFERS,SURVEYS) - an old offer wall, that has not got too many new offers, but if you haven't completed old ones, it still offers a number of different ones!


$2 minimum BTC withdrawals!
Published on Jul 29th, 2022 03:10 pm

We have found a solution to remove Bitcoin $30 minimum withdrawal limit.

Now all withdrawal methods have $2 minimum as per default.

TimeWall gone LIVE!
Published on Jul 24th, 2022 08:52 am

We have put the TimeWall live this morning, it has very good earnings, but it works a bit differently.

You have to signup from our offers page, (you can use Google or FaceBook signup), it signs you up automatically for all our 3 sites, so you can complete clicks/offers from ANY of our 3 sites.

From "Website Profiles" you can see and choose from which of our sites you are logged in and switch between them!

Once you reach 100 points, you can withdraw it to one of our 3 sites (GrandClick, GrandMonopoly or TheBuxer), it converts at 100 points = $0.0055

It is very easy to get 100 points, the PTC ad pays a minimum of 14 points, and there are at this moment hundreds of PTC ads available, depending on your country. + they have thousands of tasks and offers, a bit different than others and rather easy to complete!

And you get from your direct referrals up to $0.003 for every 100 points they convert!



ClixWall added!
Published on Jul 16th, 2022 02:43 pm

ClixWall has been added, PTC ads, Tasks, and Offers!

Earn money by playing games!
Published on Jul 12th, 2022 03:02 pm

OFFEROC offerwall has just gone live, where besides PTC ads, offers, and surveys, you can now earn unlimited by playing mini-games!

Maximum withdrawal amount increased!
Published on Jul 07th, 2022 07:07 am

We have increased the maximum withdrawal amount for Free and Clicker memberships from the current $10 per request to $25 per request.

Published on Jun 14th, 2022 08:19 am





2 New Offer Walls!
Published on May 18th, 2022 03:47 pm

We have added SkippyAds and WallOffer offer walls under our Offers & Surveys for all 3 sites.

Besides many offers and surveys, you can also find PTC ads, shortlinks, and videos!

Direct referral commission is the same as for other offer walls up to 25%

Buy direct referral, get rented referral for FREE!
Published on May 12th, 2022 05:22 pm

?? Buy any amount of direct referrals and we credit the same amount of rented referrals to your account for FREE??

Offer valid throughout all our sites for 1 week, until the end of 19th May 2022.

(With this promotion you can go over your direct and rented referral limits both)

Published on Apr 19th, 2022 08:39 pm

All memberships (except "Clicker Membership") are discounted 20% OFF!

Offer valid until the end of 30th April 2022.

4 required clicks will be required again from 1st May!

Will be not applying TOS#6.1 to members from Ukraine until further notice.