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Rent referrals timeframe removed. Direct referral limits increased.
Published on Apr 17th, 2019 08:21 am

Since we did'nt see any use of having rented referrals timeframe for different memberships, we have removed them now. You can rent referrals any time, but no more than is your membership maximum amount allowed.

Also maximum referrals limits were increased for some memberships, to match more with our other sites.

We have adjusted also direct referrals limits to match our other sites, so free members and Clicker+ members can have now up to 100 direct referrals and all upgraded memebrs can have unlimited direct referrals.

Published on Apr 08th, 2019 02:35 pm

Happy birthday GrandMonopoly! 5 Years since we launched and like every year, we will have some discounts!

All Rented referrals 10% discount

Time frame for renting has been removed, so you can rent referrals as often as you want

Rented referrals extending discounted by 10%

All direct referrals 50% discount (valid until referrals available for sale)

All promotions are running from 8th April until end of 14th April by server time. Then all will be turned back to normal.

Happy celebrating!

Introducing Ad Exchange
Published on Feb 04th, 2019 10:29 pm

You can now get free banner and featured ad credits, by viewing what other users are advertising. To use it, go to STORE and on the bottom you can see Ad Exchange. 

Enjoy and happy advertising!

Memberships prices dropped by 25%
Published on Feb 01st, 2019 01:01 pm

Due many users asking why GrandMonopoly does not have yearly memberships like our sister-sites, as It is expensive to extend them every 3 months.

We have decided to move over to yearly memberships and lower the price by 25%. So now you get 1 year membership for 9 months price.

Everything else in memberships remains the same.

up to 100.000 visits for $5 only!
Published on Jan 02nd, 2019 04:03 pm

Monogrid link for 1 year $5.00 for 1 month $1.00 
Available links limited!
Buy yours from HERE

Replacing PayPal, withdraws & birthday coming up!
Published on Dec 16th, 2018 06:52 pm

Since some of you already noticed, PayPal was disabled once again on friday. Once more they have decided they don't allow us to use their services. Since everytime it gives us and our members headache and they take all our PayPal balance, we have decided not to negotiate with them no more. Instead we have added 2 new processors Skrill and Neteller. Also we lowered significantly all the other processors withdraw fees. Hopefully everyone will find suitable processor/gateway to use. Skrill and Neteller will have also new feature, to send any currency to us, so you dont have to convert it into USD and pay Skrill/Neteller 3.99% conversion fee. Also if there is some other payment processors you would like to see, give us a ticket :)

Besides gateways talk, we have finally found us solid and cheap exchanger/coin wallet, though which we can move our funds lot quicker and cheaper between processors, so this should also speed up withdraws in future. And besides all that, we are preparing hard for GrandClick 5th Birthday! Lea is getting all the games and prizes ready! I'm getting ready all the codes and whistles for referral contest and different promotions, giveaways. The whole January, stage will be Yours :)

Happy Holidays!

Michael & Lea

Rented Referrals clicks increased by 20%
Published on Mar 20th, 2018 02:41 pm

After reviewing our new Rented Referral System, we were able to increase referrals clicks by roughly 20% for all memberships. Last 2 months clicks were calculated by pure excel calculations, now we have gathered some data and were able to increase clicks significantly.


Fixed Ad prices dropped hard!
Published on Mar 08th, 2018 02:25 pm

To be more competitive, we have dropped Fixed Ad prices hard! For example: $7.99 per month/$39.99 per year. Check out more from HERE

Cheapest membership added!
Published on Feb 08th, 2018 11:57 am

Over the years many users have asked some cheaper membership. Today we have added "Clicker" membership.

It costs just $14.99 per YEAR. And it is meant mostly for solo clickers.

It has all the same features as Free members have, but as an extra it has $0.10 worth Supreme ad available every day!

So if you are clicking every day, you can earn extra $36.50 per year!

Rented Referrals limit increased.
Published on Nov 24th, 2017 10:29 am

Free members can now have 250 Rented Referrals instead of 100 to decerease the difference compared to our other sites.